DPV - Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Driver Permit Verification Service?

This is a service which allows the public to validate driver permit registrations via web browser or API call.

How can I perform searches?

Searches are freely available to everyone. The service can be accessed by visiting the following website address https://apps.mowt.gov.tt/dpv

What are the benefits of using this service?

Persons could verify driver permit registration details which were registered with the Ministry.

Can I print copies of the document?

Yes. After downloading and opening the document you can print any amount of copies of the document at your convenience.

Does this document replace the need for a certified copy?

No. However this can be used as an un-certified copy. Third parties can also use the facility to validate registrations. This may reduce the need for the actual paper document in some scenarios.

I can’t find my driver permit in the database?

Please ensure that the Permit Number and Date of Birth are correct. Remove all spaces or non-alphabet or numerical characters. In a few cases a manual search may be required. Simply request a certificated copy.